UYT Network’s First Stop In China Was A Huge Success

The first stop of UYT NETWORK China tour ended successfully in Zhengzhou today. This is a landmark day in UYT history. At the same time, the announcement of the UYT main network is also a day worthy of being recorded in the history of digital currency and blockchain. At this event, representatives of UYT nodes from more than a dozen countries sent blessing videos to the launch of the UYT mainnet, expressing their confidence and belief in UYT technology and ecological construction. It is a pity that they cannot personally come to China to participate in UYT’s China trip due to the epidemic, but they will then act as representatives of various countries to launch UYT global meetup activities in their respective countries.

For this event, we are fortunate to have invited the CMO of TKNT Foundation China. Ms. Olivia, the founder of Bitlink, shared with you about the UYT mainnet and TKNT. TKNT is a very representative successful case of UYT ecological construction. It integrates the advantages of UYT’s various technologies and products, such as cross-chain, decentralized finance, token, mining, etc. Olivia gave a detailed explanation on how TKNT has created a magic that is 400 times in 7 days and TKNT’s next project plan and strategy.

In addition, this event also invited the UYT China Community Promotion Ambassador and the Executive Chairman of the Coin Union Community, Mr. Guo Junping, to share the ecology of UYT. Among them, the two master projects, Copernicus and UCS, are mainly shared. 

Kopernik is a cross-chain bridging network developed based on Substrate, focusing on building a network for the interconnection of assets in the future. UCS is a decentralized financial aggregation ecology of cross-chain assets. These two such strong cross-chain financial platform projects were incubated in the UYT ecosystem, fully demonstrating UYT’s advantages in technology, resources, network, and ecological applications.

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