Felix Chau – StemFlux
Herve Lacorne– President and CEO of World KYC & CIO of Winstantpay
Kim Fuentez – Head of Marketing and Business Development at OKEx
Atty. Edsel Tupaz – Partner at Goricetta Africa Cauton and Saavedra
Thomas Schibli – Blockchain Advisor
Luis Buenaventura – Co-Founder at BloomX
Jake Villanueva – Head of Partnership and External Affairs at Zybitech
Isabel Laurel – Certified Affiliate Marketer & BTSE Director of Public Relations
Elixes Becislao – COO of C Estates
Mike David – Virtual Currency Business Officer at CEZA
Efren Tercias – Blockchain Enthusiast and Stakeholder at DDKoin
Christina Gallado – Technical Project Manager at ConsenSys and Founder of BlockJuan
Jay Demafeliz – Blockchain Visionary, Game Corp
Tracy Li – Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect / Blockdevs Asia & Token News
Ardy Mejorada – Executive Director of GBARF
Emmanuel Deiparine – Cryptocurrency trader and Head of Mindcraft Manila
Gail Cruz-Macapagal – Country Manager of DynaQuest
Irvin Htay Myint – Investment Committee at BnkToTheFuture.com
Emerson Fonseca – CCO of Paylance
Allan Jay Dumanhug – CTO/CISO of Secuna